Today has been a bit of an odd day (I know it’s not over yet). Yesterday was my birthday, which considering it was in lockdown was pretty epic. But today is a year since we rushed up to Birmingham because my dad had passed away. Today was also back to ‘work’ with morning briefing and various other tasks to complete.

One of the presents the husband got for me yesterday was the latest version of the Lion King. We watched it yesterday, and I just hadn’t thought about the themes that come through it, and the emotions started.

1 when Simba is following Mufasa up pride rock and Simba’s entire foot went in to just the bottom part of Mufasa’s footprint. It made Simba stop and take notice, and it made me stop and think as well. Any of you who knew my dad know that, when he was able, he LOVED a walk. And the majority of the time I would be following behind him. Although I mainly follow after my mum, my dad was definitely an inspiration for me and set a great example. I know that I didn’t always realise it but I know it’s also true. And I don’t just mean the mane of hair and sarcasm! He worked hard for as long as he was able, scouting was a huge part of his life, he encourage my brother and I to achieve our dreams.

2. When Simba has gone to the Elephant graveyard and Mufasa spoke to him afterwards. Mufasa expressed his disappointment but also spoke to him about the responsibility that would come to him, and about how proud he has always been. My dad wasn’t really a talker, well not about emotions etc. However, he made it clear when he was disappointed, but also would help us to move forward. My brother and I always knew he was proud of us even if he didn’t necessarily tell us.

3 finally (I could keep going) there’s a part in the film where Mufasa tells Simba that the kings from the past are the stars in the sky always looking down. This comes back later in the film as well. There is also Timon and Pumba who think that’s a load of rubbish and we should live our lives by the motto Hakuna Matata – no worries for the rest of your days. I don’t necessarily think my dad is looking down on me, but I am constantly reminded of him, the character he was, and the impact he has had on me. I also believe I will be reunited with him. As much as I love the song Hakuna Matata the meaning of it – not really – there is so much more to it than just living your life for you!

It’s been a bit of an odd day and I think 1st June often will be. I did write “it will always be a day when I will remember my dad” – but I deleted it because quite frankly there are so many things that remind me of him day to day! Thanks for everything Dad x

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