Yesterday I was in the middle of updating my fb status when I ended up deleting it instead because I didn’t want to upset people and I didn’t think it was correct. After thinking, and talking things through virtually with E my initial thoughts are becoming a blog instead.

Apparently 3 years ago I completed the tapestry above. This was part of the largest tapestry I’ve ever done – an A-Z of God and as you can see I had just completed H for healer. Yesterday I automatically thought well this is perfect for now, because there are so many that need healing.

This was when I stopped… we see the numbers rising everyday and we know the numbers are only going to continue to rise for the foreseeable future.

Over the years I have been spoken to numerous times about healing for my brain, it has sometimes been so painful because I have been made to feel that it is my fault that God has not healed me, that I still have epilepsy, I clearly don’t care enough or believe.

It’s not that I don’t believe that God can heal. I do and I believe God has healed me, just not necessarily the way people might expect, but more in the way I approach it (maybe not think about the last couple of months).

It’s the same in the world at the moment. There may be people who are healed from the virus, but there will be thousands who won’t. However I see healing taking place in other ways. Communities being rebuilt; relationships developing; gratefulness for what we had and are no longer able to access; acknowledgement of key services which have often been taken for granted; more exercise for some as they take advantage of their one daily outdoor exercise.

Healing doesn’t have to be miraculous, but it will often change the mindset.

I believe God is a healer, but I have no idea how that healing will look, for me, or for the world.

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