What does it take?

A group video conversation with friends I used to go to school with, continuing with group fb messaging since.

Video messaging with both mum and mum-in-law for the first time.

Worship happening in so many different ways

I have heard so many people who have had so many more conversations with people over the last week. What did it take for that to happen?

It took a Pandemic. I think we can all safely agree this is like nothing we have ever experienced before but it is also making us question what it is that is important to us. For many it is about relationships.

School’s closed; a limit on leaving the house and mixing with others; shops closed; worship buildings closed

What did it take? It took A pandemic but also rules from the government, as we didn’t appear to be able to listen to guidance!

Life is going to be different, we are going to need to be responsible, we are going to need to be caring, we are going to need to think differently.

It is scary what it has taken for us to get to the position of checking in with friends, following rules, being considerate, and thinking outside the box. But I pray that the good that comes out, may continue when we come out the other end.

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