Don’t know what you’ve got until its gone

Last week our new mattress was delivered, the following morning I woke up and my back wasn’t hurting. I don’t think I’d realised that I was having lower back pain every morning until I woke up without it.

So often the phrase ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone’ is used in a negative way – when you’ve lost something good – for example I’m currently typing with one finger on my left hand as my right hand is in a splint with a queried fracture! I have definitely missed the use of my right hand today and how much I use it!

But the mattress situation demonstrates that we don’t always know the negative things in our lives until we see the affect when they are no longer there.

It is so easy to get caught up in life, to accept what is happening as the norm. Yet we need to take the time to reflect, and to see what affect things are having and if we are getting back pain, we need to change the mattress, and if we can’t use our right hand for a time, then we need to be grateful when we can!

I’m having to do a LOT of reflection at the moment, I’m having to think in ALL aspects and areas of my life about things that need to go, things that need to change and things that I need to be grateful for!

I haven’t got the courage to talk through any of the things, but I’m sure you’ll hear about some of them at some point.

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