Not surprisingly it was a tough week going back to work, mainly due to having to wake up early and get back to the routine of things. Also a medical appointment, a parent’s evening, and additional meetings.


On Wednesday, on return from the parents evening I informed E that I was feeling slightly exhilarated.

It’s fair to say this is not a word that I use on a regular basis, but it’s a word I wanted to use again later in the week as well.


I was going to say I’ve been reminded of why I do my job, but that’s not it. It is because I recieved some positive feedback from parents, pupils, and colleagues.

I cannot tell you what a difference it has made, not only making me feel good (inevitable) but also giving me a wake up call to try new things, and to put in the effort because I know it is appreciated.

I really don’t use the word exhilarated lightly, but boy did it feel good, but also had a positive affect on me.

We so often take things for granted, that we don’t let people know our appreciation. I was honestly surprised at the impact it had on me this week, and am challenged to pass on the exhilaration to others.

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