Twists and turns

I had a hospital appointment earlier in the week. It’s the first time I’d really been to this hospital, and had asked the husband how long it would take to walk. He said it would be about the same time it takes us to walk to church. The first part of the rout was the same but then I needed to turn left rather than crossing over the road.

I allowed a bit longer for the journey, but I was starting to get worried, as it seemed to be taking a lot longer. However, the husband was actually correct, it did take about the same amount of time.

Why my concern?

I think it’s because the route to church involves going down lots of different roads, lots of twist and turns. Whereas the road to the hospital was one long straight road. When it’s just one long straight road, it seems longer, you’re not having to think about where you’re going, crossing roads, there isn’t really a change in scenery, and don’t always feel like you’re actually making any progress. However if you’re going down different roads, having to turn corners cross roads, it just feels like you’re going somewhere and makes it go quicker.

So often we talk about a hope for our paths in life to be made straight. And in the Gospel reading today it was actually suggested that we should make our paths straight for the Lord. But I think there’s a difference between trying to live a good life, and hoping that everything that goes smoothly.

I’m not suggesting that we should celebrate and hope for the things that knock us. However, I think those twists and turns that take us away from the path we had planned are good. They add to the journey, and make us who we are. It is often through the twists and turns that we become more aware of what is going on in us, around us, and helping us on the journey.

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