Stop… look… listen

We have probably all been taught how to cross a road? I still remember the team coming in to my primary school, bringing a zebra crossing, and beacons, as we were taught.

Taught to stop… look… listen…

This is more than a lesson for crossing the road. This is something we should be doing in our daily lives.

I haven’t kept it much of a secret that I like a routine. In the morning I’m pretty much on auto-pilot as I walk to school. Last week I was shook out of my zombie-like state as I was stopped in my tracks by the beauty of a tree. It had the most gorgeous red leaves, I was overwhelmed by its beauty. And today it was similar with a single leaf on the ground.

Also over the last week I have been listening to my music and have really heard some of the words in the songs which I have actually then sent links to friends. I’ve also felt prompted to send messages of encouragement to friends. This was something that used to happen a lot, I felt prompted, and it turned out that prompting came at just the right time for that person BUT…

I’ve been getting caught up in life, focussing on surviving each day that I haven’t been noticing what’s going on around me, I haven’t been listening to those prompts

If we just cross a road without stopping, looking and listening there is a possibility we will be knocked over.

If we go through life without taking time to stop, to look around us and to listen to what’s been said, we can become overwhelmed by the stuff… we can miss the beauty… we can miss opportunities to use our gifts to be a blessing to others.

Can I just encourage you in the next few days

Stop… and take some time for you without thinking about the stuff that’s happening

Look… at the beauty of nature, of family, of friends

Listen… to people, to music, to the voice in your head – what’s being said?

I’d love to hear if you do it and what happens!

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