Trying to find my way

I feel I write this a lot at the moment, but it’s been a tough week. There have been a lot of tears, I have been on radio silence a lot, and have definitely gone in to hibernation mode.

I feel lost… I’m not going to go in to detail, but it is essentially because of my brain.

However, today I have been reminded that I am on a journey, and that I need to be focussing on my compass rather than my map, my obstacles and baggage.

The purpose of a compass is to show North so that you can find direction from it. When I was a guide we spent many hours planning our route using a compass, and then using the compass when we got lost or when there was something else in the way on our route – to get back on track.

In my job I come across a lot of people questioning faith, I have to teach people to question faith, and so often I find that people aren’t convinced in God because of troubles in their life. I can honestly say that has never been an issue for me, why? Because God is my compass and that is what I need to remember.

Yes, I’m struggling at the moment, and I feel completely lost, but I need to go back to my compass, knowing that if I focus on that, on Him, rather than on my struggles, and what I feel I can’t do, then my compass will be my guide and my centring point.

It may well be a different route to the one I thought, and there’s bound to be obstacles, but at least I know where my focus needs to be.

So much easier to write than do!

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