Choosing to not control

I don’t know about you but it’s rare that I watch live TV anymore.

This is especially if it’s not on the two channels that frequent the two spots on most people’s menu – why? Adverts. I rarely watch them any more, and will choose to start a programme late so that we can fast-forward through the adverts.

However, this was not an option in the caravan, or in the B&B we’ve just stayed in. And actually, we survived. In fact I found the commercial breaks quite helpful, a good time to go and get a drink, put the PJs on, have a conversation without disturbing the programme, or, of course, the comfort break!

Breaks are essential in all aspects of life, we see it from the beginning and creation. I’m probably pushing this a bit far now, but we get to choose how we use those breaks, we can rush through them because there’s so much more we need to get done in that extra 10 ,minutes of time, or we can choose to just go with the flow, and make the most of the breaks as they come along. In our household we’re inevitably going to have to pause at some point anyway, so why not use the breaks we’re given?

On a practical not, this also stops the frustration with the person in control of the controls who isn’t paying attention and not fast-forwarding!

This is linked with wanting what we want, when we want it. Another reason we don’t watch a huge amount of live TV is because we have things recorded, or we use streaming services. This means that we can watch what we want, when we want it.

Again, not a possibility in the caravan. We had to rely on the scheduling of the people who’s job it is to schedule. Trusting that they would know what they were doing. If there wasn’t anything on, turning the TV off.

This again, helped with Switching off to power up

We have so much power over things like what we watch, that we can worry when that power gets taken away. But this can easily transfer to other aspects of life.

We think we could be in control, rather than trusting those people who actually have training and expertise.

Am I going to stop watching Recorded programmes? Probably not. But I’m not going to be afraid to turn it off, and do something else rather than finding, something, anything to watch, or take the time through the breaks rather than fast forwarding.

It’s handy to be given power and choice, but it’s often more liberating to hand that over to others, and just enjoy the experience!

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