I usually use other’s photos for blog posts but this is my own, taken at Rye Harbour when I was away.

I find it beautiful, although doesn’t do justice to the vastness in real life.

The sea was quite far out, there was what felt like a pebble mountain to get down, and in between was the vast sand.

The beach was covered with these ripples, the result of the sea. I don’t know about you but I often associate sea with washing things away, building sand castles and fortresses only for them to be washed away. However, we sometimes forget the transformative power of it as well.

Under foot these sand ripples were rather hard, and I could tell that after the. Ext tide they would still be there. They would change, but they would still be there.

It is so easy to think that things in life will just go away. We may feel like we’re under water, but once the water goes away then it’s over, it’s done with. BUT we forget about the effects, and how long standing they may be. Yes, over time, they may seemingly disappear, but really it’s just become a part of who we are.

There is no one thing that defines who we are. We are a cumulative result of our many tides of life. We may think that some of the tides are harmful and damaging, but we need to remember that we are beautiful. We are also unique. No one has experienced the same tides that we have, therefore no one will have the same ripples.

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