Shout out for support

It’s 6:30 on a Saturday, I’ve been awake and up for over an hour already – madness? Well… quite possibly! But I also feel more at ease than I have for a while. Why? Because I’ve just spent time with husband before he has gone off to a long day at work.

I’ve become so aware over recent weeks how much I benefit from familiarity. I’m not sure that makes sense so let me explain. There have been a few occasions recently when I’ve been feeling particularly tense or anxious and then the husband has arrived and I just relax. I know I don’t need to put on a show, we chat about meaningless stuff, or we just sit in silence, and it’s all good. We talk through concerns as well, and try to support each other, and I know that he has got my back – even though there are times when I go mute and don’t talk at all! I know he’s my husband – but he really is a legend! And I guess this is what marriage is!

It’s not just him though! I am amazed by the amount of support that I have, whether that’s the daily messaging with E, the support of colleagues at work, a chat with mum, those who I know regularly pray for me, or those who will send messages. It’s overwhelming – in a fantastic way!

The thing is…

They are all there throughout, I am aware they are supporting me know when I’m struggling, but I also know they are celebrating with me when things are good, and plodding along with me when life is just happening.

I only hope that I can provide the same for them.

We all need to be part of a community, where we can support and be supported. I have to say, most, not all, of my support, comes from people I have met through Church. I am so grateful that it is a part of my life.

So a big SHOUT OUT to those who have and are supporting me, an especially big SHOUT OUT to the husband, the mummy, E & S!

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