Savouring the smiles

It’s not been a great couple of weeks but on Thursday a friend kept pointing out the good to me.

It is very easy to focus on what the struggles are, but I am trying my hardest to acknowledge the good, enjoy the laughter, and savour the smiles.

I was challenged in one of the acts of worship this week (assembly) that in order to flourish we need God, and we need community.

I think this is even more important when you’re struggling yourself.

I have been blessed this week by E making me bawl like a baby, but also reminding me how much I am loved by God and by others. I was blessed by my friend pointing out the good – because she knew that I wasn’t feeling great. I have been blessed by pupils making me laugh. I have been blessed by the husband knowing what I need, whether that is space, rubbish tv or homemade maltloaf! And I have been blessed by a community surrounding me in smiles, texts, and prayers.

It is easy to wait until the fire comes before we put it out, BUT when you are part of a community, that can often lead to prevention of the fire.

The title of this blog is Life: enjoying not enduring – that is a lovely idea, but sometimes it is a lot more effort to enjoy than it is to endure. It has been difficult for me to try and focus on the good, but I do encourage you to savour those smiles, it can be a real glimmer of hope!

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