Easter: the power not the chocolate

Happy Easter.

Over the last couple of days I have found it a real privilege to share in the story of Easter with so many others.

On Friday the husband and I participated in the walk of witness through Canterbury, joining with people from other congregations in the City. This morning I went to Church as usual, passing a couple of friends on the way and being able to say happy Easter to them. At our church service we had many visitors along with a couple of Baptisms as well. This evening, because the husband had been at work this morning we went to the Church we used to be members of and it was lovely to be worshipping with friends, as well as others we didn’t know. My social media has also been inundated with commemorations of Holy Week and Easter from all over the country, and even all over the world.

Whereas for many, tomorrow Easter will be forgotten other than working the way through numerous Easter eggs. For me, for my husband, for those I’ve worshipped with this week, and for Christians all over the world, today we remember the power of the cross, the risen God and the new life that we are able to live each day.

Easter isn’t about chocolate, it’s about celebrating the day that is the foundation of the Church family; the reason there were shouts of “He is risen” around the world today; and the reason people join together in worship around the world throughout the year.


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