Expectations and Limitations

I am aware, and numerous people have told me that I can be my own worst enemy. Why? Very simply because I can have (or do have) high expectations of myself. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I was ambitious as such, but what I do I have high expectations of.

The way I see it is, I have been given a job to do and that should be done properly, that, as a concept, doesn’t seem to be problematic, but I have a tendency to see more that I could be doing and to do that as well.

Why does this make me my own enemy?

Purely because of my reaction to myself if circumstances mean that I can’t do something to the level that I expect. I’m still doing what needs to be done, but I get disappointed and frustrated with the circumstances but more so with myself. The irony really being that sometimes, it is my high expectations that mean I can’t reach them, and the circle starts!

This seems to be something that is particularly predominant at the moment, for reasons that I’m very much in the beginning process of trying to work out – but I’m sure you’ll hear about in the future. However, one thing I am trying to do is to realise my limitations. This doesn’t mean that I can’t have high expectations of myself and my work, but that I need to realise that I’m not always going to be able to reach them – and that’s OK as long as I am doing what needs to be done.

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