A couple of years ago I made a decision… that decision was that Saturday would be my day of rest… my Sabbath. I recognised that I would have a tendency to work for most of the weekend and that wasn’t having a particularly good effect on me. Most people would probably assume that Sunday would be the best day to rest or most likely day but my reasoning was quite logical. Sunday morning would normally involve Church anyway so that’s half the day gone, and not exactly restful, so Saturday was the chosen day.

Two Saturdays ago my pedometer read over 17000 steps by the end of the day. That may not sound like the most restful of days, possibly even less so when I say I walked from Whitstable to Herne Bay and yet by the end of the day I felt more relaxed and energised than I had for some time.

Rest is going to be different for different people, all I know is that for me it just has to be not doing work, and usually exercise is beneficial.

BUT rest of some description is important for everyone, and necessary to restore ourselves, to give us the energy to get on with the normal day to day.

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