Beholding the beauty. Being the beauty.

Over the last couple of days I’ve had quite a few moments where I’ve had to stop to take in the beauty around me. Whether that was the awesome clouds as I was travelling to Birmingham or the clarity of the moon (not from this picture – my camera didn’t do it justice) as I was walking home last night. I was amazed at the beauty that was just there in front of me, yes I believe it was created, but it requires no additional hard work, photoshopping etc… it just is.

Yet… so often we miss it! I know I had to point out the clouds to the husband!

Over the last month I have been noticing beauty around me more, vibrantly red leaves, stunning sunrises, even the trees that have lost their leaves. The beauty hasn’t suddenly come out of nowhere but I’ve been in a better frame of mind to see it, behold it, wonder at it, share it.

However, when I look back, not that long ago, I couldn’t see it, or wouldn’t see it. But others brought the beauty in to my life. Hugs when required, messaging, leaving me alone when it was clear that’s what was best, sticking by me even though I was a nightmare and so much more.

We can’t always see the beauty around us, but if we can we should share it with others. But also… if we have the strength and the energy we can always be the beauty for others.

May you experience the beauty and share the beauty this Christmas.

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