Making lemonade

I’m hurting at the moment. I’m hurting because I had a seizure at the weekend. My back, legs, lip, and neck all hurt… and I look like I have a black eye developing! The seizure came after a few twitchy days… I guess you could argue that I knew the seizure was coming but you never really do!

BUT I’m the happiest I have been for some time. I have laughed more over the last couple of days than I have done in ages. I have also been told it’s good to see ‘me’ back!

I may currently be hurting, I may well have been twitching, but that’s the lemons… that’s a result of some changes in medications which we are trying to settle down… another side effect is that my mood has lifted – the lemonade!

I have a choice of what I focus on. Do I focus on the hurting or the happiness. I’m trying to focus on the happiness – especially after the last few months. When I move I am reminded of the seizure and the pain, but it doesn’t take much to remind me of the happiness which appears to have been lost!

What decision will you make? A squeamish face from lemons, or a refreshing drink of lemonade?

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