All the small things

It’s been an interesting week! Back to work, issues back home, some interesting obstacles falling in my way, some ‘spilling tea twitching’ and, not surprisingly, some tears. But I think E and some of my other friends are really influencing me now because, although that stuff has been there what stood out for me is…

1. For three days my mood has been more uplifted. (I have been scarily, and tea spillingly twitchy at times but that is not the focus and this all suggests the drug change may be working)

2. Because of a work commitment today I have had the opportunity to pass or spend time with people I haven’t had the opportunity to spend time with for ages.

3 I have had some really positive lessons, and other interactions at work, in spite of difficulties.

4. I have ended the week spending time with some friends at a pub. The first social event I’ve been to for a long time where I felt like ‘me’

E is a glass half full kinda lady, and will often give me positive responses when I whinge or rant about something. This week I have felt it not only right, but essential to focus on the small things, the bursts of joy in a place of upset and confusion.

Those small things have given me just enough strength to carry on with everything else. I am aware it’s a time of transition, and it will take some time for the drugs to finally be at the level the dr wants. So for now there will be times of low mood and times when I’m twitching. As I said to my friend tonight who said ‘I’m really enjoying spending time with you’ take advantage of it whilst you’ve got it, I know I am.

Enjoy the small points of joy, somehow they are strong enough to get the cloud, darkness, and confusion!

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