Just different

This morning I sent a message to E saying ‘I need to stop reading old blog posts’. The book of face sends me reminders, and today I was reminded of a blog I’d written a couple of years ago about how fantastic I was feeling at the end of term, how much I’d accomplished, etc… it was a tough read, especially at the moment.

E responded saying ‘not always helpful but remember different isn’t always bad it’s just different’! I probably could have guessed she would respond with something like that, there’s seeing the world like a glass half full and then there’s seeing the world through E’s eyes!!!!!!!

As difficult as it may be for me to try to get my head around at the moment, in terms of practicalities it’s not been a bad term. There has been a lot that has been achieved in the face of some considerable adversity. And actually when I look back at the blog post from two years ago, the biggest difference is actually me, my outlook, my health, which I probably could have told you anyway.

I may not be going out running regularly, or meeting up with lots of people on a regular basis BUT I’ve made it through a term at school when numerous people seemed to think I probably wouldn’t, and I’m still trying to walk when I can. I think actually it probably is an achievement that I’ve made, just a different achievement to the one two years ago, and I imagine in two years time it will be different again!

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