Remembering: I’m not a slave

I have to admit I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by the response I’ve received from people after the last few posts, both publicly on the book of face, but also through private messages and even being invited for a cuppa and a pray. It has challenged me, and I think as is often the case I know, logically, that what everyone is saying is correct but that doesn’t necessarily help or change my perception.

On Monday the husband and I were catching up on some TV and we were watching Marvin Humes Who do you think you are. Past generations were slaves, but they had done something (possibly built up relationships, worshipped in the church) to be sold out of slavery. The expert said it was as though they knew that they were more than slaves, and that slave was definitely not in their identity.

When I listen to my iPod I will often choose a song and then press genius (chooses songs from your collection based on your first choice) it is rare that I listen to an album straight off. Quite often when listening genius at some point the song ‘no longer slaves’ comes up. There are many Bible verses that talk about no longer being slaves, but the lyrics in this song specifically say ‘I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God’

So… what am I slave to?

I think if you were to ask any of my close friends or colleagues they would agree with me that I am my own worst enemy. I have ridiculous expectations of myself, I set myself crazy targets, and I have ideas of what I think everyone is expecting to see in me even though I don’t expect it of anyone else.

I also have the ‘joy’ at the moment of medications controlling one malfunctioning aspect of my brain but causing other parts to malfunction which is affecting my entire state of being.

So… what am I slave to? Me…. what do I need to remember? I’m no longer a slave because I am a child of God. How do I put that into practice? Well that is a very different question!

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