A few colleagues computers were going rather slow today, but after they were rebooted they seemed to be going at normal speed again.

I have to admit I real feel like I could do with a reboot at the moment. I’ve suggested a variety of different options to friends but they don’t seem to think they are viable. It’s not that I feel I’m going slow I just don’t feel I’m fully ‘me’. That’s even more ridiculous considering I’ve given two talks in less than 24 hours talking about how we all have a purpose and wherever we are and whatever we are doing we have a role to play.

Still… it’s easy to say the words, to tell other people… but to hear them yourself and take notice is something completely different.

The thing I kind of like about technology is that so often turning it off and turning it back on again does seem to work…. you never really know what the problem was but that seems to solve. And I guess that’s why I like the idea of a reboot at the moment. I don’t know what the problem is… it could be the epilepsy, it could be the new medication, it could be the combination of medications, it could be stress, it could be anxiety. It could be a variety of all of these things.

Until we know the cause, we are not able to work out a solution. I do have a hospital appointment coming up but it’s going to take time.

Unfortunately, even though I’m sure I saw it in an episode of house, my friend assured me today that the reboot is definitely not a viable option.

So patience, living in the moment, and recognising that there is a purpose for everything, even if I can’t see it, and reading my own talks it is going to have to be!

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