A kick; A shake; Some guts; and A step

As the title might suggest to you it’s been a bit of a week. There’s been a lot of emotion ranging from tears to vast amounts of laughter; and hyper-activity to completely wiped out. But there has been a general pattern, and that pattern is the title of this blog. Before I get in to the explanation for the first time in what seems like a long time I feel excited about what is in store, I’ve got no idea what it is and I’m flippin scared as well but I feel like I’ve been static and I’m starting to move. So what is the pattern?

There have been a few times this week where I felt like I have had a kick up the backside, there have been times when that has Been for practical reasons, but other times because I have been reminded of something. But every time I’ve been kicked it’s been to bring something to the surface.

Once it has been brought to the surface I’ve metaphorically been shaken as I have recognised the effect and impact it has had on me, in all areas of my life, and often on those around me as well.

Usually by this point the tears have well and truly taken over, but every time I have felt felt that I’ve had to have guts, I’ve had to be bold and brave and have had to share the issue with someone else, this has often been embarrassing and humiliating but, by sharing I have been able to seek advice but also be held accountable. I am so blessed to have had 3 people in particular who have been there more than they needed but who have responded even after the point when I approached them.

I was pretty much dry of tears at this point and there was only one thing that could be done, be brave, take a step, make a move. This is the bit where I have already seen God at work, and am excited to seek what it will lead to next, but knowing the darkness of situations, I am also mighty scared about what this will mean to me, expectations there will be, and changes that will need to be made.

I’m sorry for the crypticness but I wanted to share the way in which I really do feel God has been starting to make me move again after a time where I have probably chosen to stay still, or dig deeper away from the message! Next time you feel a kick up the backside, take note and see if it’s time to take note – I dare you!

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