I am who I am

As my brain continues to play up I figure it’s time to tackle something that a few people have said to me, which makes me feel really weird, and I’m not entirely sure why. People have told me that they are proud of me. Proud of how I coped growing up with epilepsy; proud of how I have met my dream job of teaching; proud of how I haven’t let the epilepsy get in the way of living normally; proud of coping without driving; proud of coping with limitations; proud of coping with the various injuries; You’d think this would be seen as a compliment, and yet it feels weird.

I honestly don’t see it as something to be proud of. The way I see it, I’m just living the life that I have, and epilepsy happens to be a part of that. Yes I’ve had to make adjustments; decisions, yes I get frustrated, but that just is who I am, it’s nothing special.

Is pride something that we should apply to people’s lives? Is it something I should be offended by? Or should I just accept that people do feel proud of what I have achieved and maybe I should take more pride in it as well?

Questions as usual!

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