Have you ever asked the question… “why am I doing this?” “What is the point?”

I imagine we all have at some point. 

Since being back at work I have been waking, working, sleeping, with not a huge amount else in between. The husband and I have occasionally seen each other but not a great amount, and often, when I say ‘seen each other’ that is literally all it has been, as I’ve been asleep when he’s got in and he’s been asleep when I’ve got up. I am shattered, but as I have said to numerous people it has been in a good way.

I have to admit I don’t think I have asked those questions of “why am I doing this?” Or “what is the point?” Because I have known… but… this week, especially with one element of my job, there has recognition of it.

There have a few colleagues and a few staff who have recognised a difference in this one element, it has also been recognised by the pupils themselves.

I’m not doing it for the recognition, and I wouldn’t have stopped putting in the effort if I hadn’t had the recognition (I may have done last year if honest) but the recognition has given me a boost that it is worth it, and worth the exhaustion.

We often fall into the trap of taking things that people do for granted, because it’s their job and we shouldn’t underestimate the power of recognising and acknowledging the good that people do. Even if it is their job, and they get paid, it is still making a difference.

What do you see in the people around you, your family, friends, colleagues? What are they doing that you could recognise and acknowledge?

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