I’ve snapped… I’ve cackled… now I’ve experienced POP

I think we can safely say that last year I snapped… well and truly… snapped. I was broken. This was caused by a lot of things, but I was broken. 

Once I had snapped, I started to cackle. I saw a lot of things from a negative perspective, had a tendency to speak negatively and bred negativity as well.

But this week the POP has happened. The Power Of Positivity. I have been approaching things a lot more positively, I have seen the result of this with positive responses from pupils. I have received positive messages from colleagues. The result of all this is that I have crazy grin on my face, and the positivity continues, goes full circle and spreads.

We will all have moments of snapping (even if it isn’t quite as dramatic as me last year) we can all too easily get caught up in cackling. But can I encourage you to endeavour to discover the POP in your situation, your area, your world!

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