It’s all about that pace

I left the house at 6:30 this morning, and left work about 6:05 this evening. Having bumped into a couple of people on my way back I arrived home about 7. I had had a busy day, and hadn’t felt like I’d really stopped, eating lunch whilst continuing to work at my desk. I’ve not seen much of the husband over the last week, I’m not even sure if we’re even ships passing in the night but we occasionally found ourselves in the same building at the same time. He was home tonight but…

I HAD to go for a run

Over the last few weeks I’ve really been trying to eat better again, and go for my 3 runs a week. I know that I cannot go for a run tomorrow or the next day. Therefore I HAD to go for a run.

It was the last thing I felt like, but it had to be done.

I decided I was just going to do a short run, just a small circuit near where we live, but it was a run none the less.

As I have got out of the habit of running, my stamina is not what it was, and my runs have been regularly interspersed with walking. Well… if we’re completely honest my walks have been interspersed with running!

Today I ran continually for the longest I have managed in a while. I was feeling all chuffed with myself until the voice told me my km split and I was a bit downhearted as it was quite slow.

But maybe that is why I was able to continue, because I hadn’t been going too fast. I know that I have been faster in the past but my pace tonight enabled me to run further and for longer.

When I got home, the husband had cooked dinner, and then we watched a couple of programmes whilst i did some sewing. I had work I could do, but I needed to pace myself.

In long distance races you have pace setters, we don’t tend to have that in teaching, there are obviously deadlines and expectations but a lot of the time it is down to you to get it done. It’s a skill I am gradually learning. I continue to not work on a Saturday and that continues to be a blessing of a day.

Last year I completely burnt out, I wasn’t even dawdling, I had stopped. I need to set my pace so that I can get through the weeks/terms and year ahead!  The pace may increase as I improve, but for now, interspersing the work with rest is a necessity.

Do you pace yourself or are you lucky enough to have a pace setter? 

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