Creating a restore point

If you’ve ever had issues with your computer then you may well have seen this message on your screen ‘creating a restore point’. I’m not particularly technical and regularly ask our technician questions but my general understanding of this is that it creates a point where the computer seems to be working well, so that if there are any problems then you can go back to those settings.

I’ve mentioned a few times recently that I had fallen into bad habits, and I was really struggling to work out how I could get out of them. I kept trying things I had done before but would then find myself slipping really easily. A few weeks ago the husband gave me some advice, and it was good. He suggested that I read through my blogs… after all I started writing them when I was in a good place.

I realised that my system was getting messy, storage was getting full to bursting, everything was slowing down. The things I had tried were too recent – a bit too far along in the story. I needed to go further back to create a restore point. My blog has helped me to create that point by reading the advice I was giving in the first place.

So I’ve gone back to basics, strictly counting the calories, often going over my daily allowance by 100-200 but not eating all the calories I’m burning off with exercise – a bad habit I’d got in to. I’m running three times a week – at the moment it is more of a walk with intermittent running, but it is still getting out there.

I was texting E at some point and may have said ‘I feel like I’m having to learn everything again’ but as she pointed out – I’m definitely not back to where I was. I don’t need a complete rewrite or to be formatted. There was a good system that had got messy so I’m going back to my restore point.

I imagine that the system will get full, tired, and messy again, but at least now I know where to go back to if that does happen! For now… I’m hungry but I’m feeling good!

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