After my last blog post bag READY… mind SET I thought the next post would be …and GO, but BLAST OFF seems much more appropriate. 

Last night I was completely and utterly wiped out, and have relished the opportunity to sit and ‘be’ today, realising more than ever how vital it is for me to have my ‘sabbath’ day. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a great week and I have really enjoyed being back but as well as it being my first week back at work after the summer I have only had one day when I could just go straight home and stay there. All of my evening things have been lovely but I possibly should have thought about the planning of those a bit better! 

As I said it really has been a great week, and I have enjoyed it. There is a lot of newness, and I think for the first time since I’ve been there the people who are probably in the best place are those who are new to the school. What with new classrooms, new structure of the day, new policies, they know no different whereas the rest of us can still be found walking around slightly bemused at times… well.. a lot of the time.

I’m relishing the newness though and it is one of the things I appreciate the most about working in a school. Every year is a fresh start, but also every term, and even every lesson. I am in a new room, working within a new team, and a new member of staff in the subject. My realisation about my mindset has also made a humongous difference. I have taken time this week to speak to people who were affected by mindset last year and to apologise for that. I am genuinely excited about what lies ahead, and I really do think blast off is appropriate. Although now the blast off has happened I am hoping to soar for a bit and take it all in!

But for now another good nights sleep ready for a day of preparing for the week ahead tomorrow!

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