bag READY… mind SET…

This morning I took my school bag to Church. It was ‘back to school’ Sunday and the entire service was about setting aside worries and anxieties that we might have as we approach the new school year. We prayed for the different schools, colleges and universities that are represented at the church. The service ended with all those who were going back to school as a pupil, teacher, caretaker etc taking their bag to the front for a blessing. It was such a fantastic idea and I love the fact that my bag has been blessed. So… my bag is ready for tomorrow.

That’s the easy part…

At the end of July I met up with a friend for our annual catch up over a cup of tea. We do see each other throughout the year but this is usually an in-depth, advice giving, prayer filled time. When I was with her I recall her saying to me that after our chat last year she is amazed that I have survived the year, but also that I am talking positively about the year ahead.

I have been pondering over this throughout August. Within education we talk about mindset a lot, so much so that we can sometimes turn off when we hear it but it really is powerful.

Last summer, due to circumstances, I had DECIDED that the following academic year was going to be horrendous. When talking to my friend she was asking me questions about things I’d mentioned last year but had forgotten about. I KNEW that the last academic year was going to be awful in every aspect of it… and true enough it probably was one of the hardest years I have had. Some of it was definitely down to circumstances beyond my control, but my mindset did not help in any way shape or form.

After the service today I had a few people saying lovely things about hoping this week would be OK and my response was… “I’m excited about it” and I genuinely am. I’m not being foolish and expecting it’s going to be perfect but there is a lot of new stuff happening… I have made some important decisions about work/life/health…

It is going to be a good year.

the bag is READY… the mind is SET… now it’s time to…

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