Purpose perspective

Today I was hurting.

Yesterday I woke up early, walked to the train station, caught a train to Gillingham, then to Dartford, I then walked from Dartford to Gravesend. Here is the proof.

24 kilometres… 5.5 hours… 33000 steps (36000 by the time I got home). 


A few blogs ago I mentioned my friend who had come up with a list of 30 things she was going to do by the time she was 30. One of the things on the list is to walk the Kent coastline. When I first saw the list I said I’d be happy to join her on the walks. The official Kent coastline is Dungeness to Dartford. Therefore when asked if I could join her for a walk, we started off with Dartford. We had a clear purpose.

Dartford to Gravesend is possibly not the most picturesque of routes along the coastline. I’ve walked a few parts of it at other times and walking along the river Thames with power stations, sewage works, tarmac companies, refineries and various other concrete jungle type things, not to mention the Queen Elizabeth II bridge (Dartford crossing), doesn’t really compare. BUT it was a necessity. It had the purpose to meet the challenge. 

There were many metaphors I found as we walked, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing more of them over the next few blogs, but this one kept me going throughout. 

How much easier are things when we know why we are doing them and that they have a purpose? Life isn’t always rosy and beautiful and picturesque, but to know there is purpose helps. I sometimes get frustrated with having to take medication everyday, and having to check whether I can go to places because of lighting but it’s a necessity. There are certain things about my profession which I don’t particularly enjoy but they are a necessity.

But then within the purpose, within the necessity you see…

 The unexpected beauty of lotus flowers at the side of a factory.

Purpose gives us a perspective which can be incredibly helpful and motivating at times… but we have to be willing to look further than the purpose to the unexpected beauty we find along the way. No seizures due to taking medication, or an insight into a pupil from their written work or analysing data! 

The purpose of yesterday was to start the first leg of the east Kent coastline to enable a friend to meet a challenge. That kept me going when my legs didn’t want to. However I got so much more from it… other than aching legs and blisters on my little toes… inspiration for my blog, a sense of achievement, some beautiful scenery, there was something quite profound about walking under the Queen Elizabeth II bridge, but most importantly a chance to catch up with someone who I rarely see! 

So… as I think about the return to work after the summer break I ask of all the jobs what is the purpose? Once I know the purpose I can keep on task and look out for the unexpected beauty! That’s the hope anyway!

It has also linked in with thoughts I’ve been having about this blog, and this is where you come in. I know why I started it but I’m not sure it has the same purpose anymore. So other than getting random insights into my life and thoughts, what do you think should be the purpose of this blog? Should it have a focus or just continue as is? I really would appreciate your feedback.

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