Baffled by the bucket list

This week a friend has climbed a mountain, another thing ticked off the list. The concept of an event being a bucket list moment was also mentioned on a panel show I was watching. 

This got me thinking…

What is on my bucket list?

As the title of this blog might suggest… I’m baffled… I have no idea. I can honestly say that I don’t think that there is anything I feel I MUST DO or anywhere that I MUST VISIT.

Don’t get me wrong there are things I would like to do and things that I would like to see, but I wouldn’t consider them to be a necessity. I seem to be quite happy seeing what arises and what opportunities come my way.

I guess you could argue that this is a healthy way to live, just being happy with what comes along, not having a list of things to tick off but treating everything as special. That sounds rather idyllic but I don’t think that is actually why! 

The more I have thought about it, the more I think it actually reflects a lot of me as a person. I don’t tend to set myself goals. When I started to lose weight, I never had a goal in mind. When I began teaching I didn’t set a career goal in mind. When I started running, I didn’t have a race I was training for. 

The friend climbing a mountain wanted to do this by a milestone birthday and managed it a couple of months later. Another friend seems to enjoy setting herself challenges, having just completed visiting all of the Church of England Cathedrals, she now has a set of 30 things she wants to have done by her 30th birthday And she has a blog as well to record it

I’ve got 4 years until my next milestone birthday – milestone in that it’s a multiple of 10! Is there anything I’d particularly want to have accomplished by then? I don’t think so.

I may be wrong but I think a lot of this comes down to a fear of failure. If there is a challenge, a specific goal, and if it’s public, then there is a distinct possibility that it may not be accomplished. I’m not good at dealing with failure so maybe it’s easier not to challenge myself in the first place.

Once again we seem to be heading down the negative route – sorry!

I do challenge myself but quite often that is in the every day. I met with a friend this week who I last met with about a year ago. She recognised that last time we sat down over a cuppa I was dreading the year ahead, and to think that I have made it through, not necessarily unscarred, but able to think positively about the year ahead, shows that I have faced a challenge and succeeded (to a certain degree).

I may not have a bucket list of specific things that I want to do or places I want to see, but I definitely want other people to know that I have faced challenges head on, and have enjoyed the journey that life has taken me on. 

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