Unrealistic measures

I have come to realise the importance of accountability. It’s an odd one, because it has to be used appropriately, and in order to allow people to flourish. If can also be damaging. Believe me working in education we see it all the time. I’ve just joined a professional discussion group on Facebook and although there have been fantastic shares, and great resources, there is also this realisation that we’re losing what is great about teaching because it’s all about grades. But I’m not going to go off on one about that. 

As I started off by saying, I think accountability can be really important, if you know that you are going to have to explain something, then you are more likely to do that thing properly, or take more time over it. And yet… 

… in my personal life I tend to be a lone horse, weight loss, exercise, running, I did it all under my own steam (Emphasis on the word did at the moment – but that’s another story). Why did do it in my own? Because I know how competitive I can get – well that’s what I tell myself. But with the running it’s also because I like my own space.

I saw the picture above shared on a friend’s FB page. For me… it doesn’t actually apply. Why? Because I am my worst critic. No matter what I do, what I achieve, it is not good enough. For me! 

I seem to be in a vicious cycle, and I don’t know how to stop.

I’m in a caring profession where it’s all about the kids. I have a faith where it’s all about God. And yet… it comes back to me.

I have said on many an occasion that I require praise. I like to see that what I’m doing is appreciated. But actually… there is no point if I’m not able to praise myself.

It was pointed out to me last week that I have a very high bar of expectation… that’s not a problem… the problem is I keep lifting the bar. 

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