Body Hijack

“Back remarkably fine, stomach remarkably fine, brain remarkably fine, Helen remarkably cheery! ” was my response to E’s morning text “how’s life this morning?”

Why remarkable? Last week was not good. And yesterday morning I was close to tears in the phone to E. So what was going on?

My brain was playing up and I had a lot more absences than usual. I ended up in minor injuries because my back went in to spasm, and I essentially slept through the entirety of Friday and most of the weekend. 

A lot of the time we say mind over matter, but this week my body definitely took over. I had no choice but to give in to it. I think I thought I had “got over” what happened before Christmas, but I haven’t, and it’s going to take time.

I felt the best I have done in a while this morning, and I think it is because I have rested. I’m confused though… I’ve got no idea what it is that is causing this stress/anxiety. I am normally able to pinpoint exactly but not at the moment. I feel like I’m on top of things.

Maybe that’s why my body needed to take over, and why I needed to listen.

Isn’t that so often the case? I had various people telling me last week telling me that I needed to stop, and needed to take a break” did I listen? No!

As is the case so often at the moment I have no answers just reflections. My challenge is to take care of myself so I can avoid the body taking over, or the mind melting. Hmmmm not much then…

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