Finding the joy

I had to remind myself of my blog title today. Enjoying not enduring! There was a reason I entitled it that, because that’s what I found I was doing with life, I was enjoying it. 

For me the idea of enduring has negative connotations. However, I just read some definitions to back me up – to find actually the definitions are things such as long-lasting, permanent, durable etc… these aren’t necessarily bad things, if we have a possession that has enduring qualities then we will be pleased with it but… do I want my life just to be like an object, or a possession? 

Not really

The other day I had been at work late for an open evening, and happened to be finishing about the same time as the husband. So… we walked home together. It was one of the highlights of my term. Why? Because we shared, we laughed, we joked. I love to laugh, I forget how much the husband makes me laugh, because life takes over. We’ve been married 12.5 years, an enduring relationship you could say. I know that not all marriages last, and maybe 12.5 years is considered to be and enduring relationship, I appreciate that but I want to enjoy it as well!

Yes things have been a bit rubbish of late, but I need to snap out of it. I don’t want to be known as someone who went through lots of rubbish. I want to be known as someone who found the joy in spite of the rubbish.

At Church we have a moment of the week slot, where we share something good that has gone on in our lives in that week. It is a simple idea, but it means we share in each other’s lives, and people purposefully think through what has happened in the week.

I need a moment of the day. The thing is, the simplest of things please me… I’m serious it doesn’t take much! Yet recently I have found myself focussing on the negative. 

As I said enduring isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, but I don’t want to just endure life. If I hadn’t already got the domain name I might change the name of the blog. Life enjoying not just enduring.

Right… let’s find the joy!

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