Reviewing the situation


Since breaking up for the summer, apart from my week away, this is the first week when I’ve had more than one day when I haven’t met my 10000 step goal on Facebook. It is also the first week that I haven’t been to the gym and for a swim. 

Why? I think there’s a couple of reasons. 1. I’ve been in a bit of a strange place head wise and figured the walking and running and gyming and swimming didn’t seem to be making any difference to the weight loss so what was the point. 2. I’ve been trying to focus more on the school work – afterall we’ve only got two weeks left.

The head space didn’t get any better, and have been close to tears on a couple of occasions. I was confused and confuddled and perplexed, and I couldn’t really understand why.

This morning it clicked… I had to ask the question why? Why did I start running in the first place? I didn’t start with the purpose of losing weight, I started in order to get fit. Since running, I have found it to be a perfect way to wind down. Similarly with the walking it gives me the opportunity to get focused for the day. It’s also my thinking time, during which I work out what’s going on in my head… Which would explain why I’ve been so confused this week.

So although the weight may have plateaued STILL and the walking, running, swimming gyming, doesn’t seem to be helping with that aspect of things. It sure is making a difference with my mind set.

So this evening, I went for a run, feel a lot better for it, and am ready for what this next week will bring!

Sometimes, we have to revise things, and remind ourselves why we started them in the first place. Sometimes this will mean it’s time for change, sometimes it will give us a renewed vigour for it – but that won’t happen if we don’t review it! I’m now going to go to bed singing the song from Oliver! 

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