A change is as good as a rest


I had come up with this blog title about 4 hours ago, with the intention of posting then, but figured I should do school work instead, but this phrase has just been used in reference to Sir Bradley Wiggins, having just become the most decorated British athlete after getting gold in the team pursuit at Rio 2016. Now, by no means am I comparing myself to sir Bradley Wiggins, but I would definitely agree with the statement.

I’ve been enjoying this time of not being in the school building, I’m purposely not saying away from work, or holiday as I have been working but… There’s been a lot of change.

Change in scenery, change in diet, change in route, change in routine, and all of it has made me a lot happier. I minnow I have mentioned before that previous holidays would have involved sitting on the sofa, watching unending tv, that is not the case any more. I’ve only had one particularly inactive day and that was the day after I finished, and was rally the day after the night before… Need I say anymore?

Anywho, apart from the time up in the homeland of Brum I’ve not been away on holiday, but me and the husband have had days out, a night away, we’ve been trying different foods other than the norm. When I’ve walked anywhere, I’ve tended to go on particularly random routes just to mix it up (and also to get the steps in for the day) at the gym I’ve been doing a different work out. When I’ve been doing the school work I’ve been taking regular breaks and trying to change the work I’m doing as well.

Earlier in the week I decided to try a different running route, and it was actually the fastest I’ve managed to do for a long time, and it was nice and it felt good.

The original change in my life style routed from a big change in our lives.

This is great, and I think change is good, it keeps things fresh. For Bradley Wiggins he took a break from track cycling to focus on road and winning the Tour de France, but then came back to track with a new vigour and focus. However, it is starting to challenge me, I am a creature of habit, I love routine, but the problem with routine is that you can get stuck in a rut. 

I’m inevitably starting to think about how can I make next academic year even more enjoyable than the last one. My challenge I think is to be willing to step out of the routine, try new things, change on a day to day basis. Nothing too scary, that wild be ridiculous, but just walking a different way round the school, saying hello to different people, taking a different route to or from school. I don’t know, but I think regular little change will be good. 

I was in a rut for a very long time, I don’t want to get into another one, even if it is a healthier one. There’s no point getting out of one rut to get into another. Afterall, I’ve said it enough times – it is a journey! 

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