Firm foundations 

There are two building projects going on by us at the moment. One at the end of our road and one just as you turn out of our road. With both spaces we have seen the previous building demolished, the ground levelled, and we cannot but help watching with eager anticipation as the new projects are built. It has been fascinating to see the depth that is gone to, in order to develop the foundations in which these projects will be built.

In the last week I have had the pleasure and privilege to worship in three different churches, none of which are the church I regularly attend. Last week I was at the church I grew up in, yesterday I was celebrating a friend’s marriage, and today I was celebrating the dedication of a friend’s son.

All 4 churches (I am including my regular church within that number) are incredibly different, which is no bad thing, and yet their foundations are the same. This is one of many things that I love about the Church, that they can manifest themselves in so many different ways, and yet are built upon key fundamental beliefs (foundations).

In all 4 churches we sung praise to God, we prayed, we said the Lord’s Prayer, we were blessed as we went out of the Church. The building projects taking place look very similar at the moment, but I imagine they will look very different finally. Foundations allow us to have a good grounding to develop in different shapes and sizes. 

The Church I went to last week was the church I grew up in, where I was baptised, where I developed the foundation of my faith. A place with so many inspirational people who have had a real impact upon me, a place where I could question, and was allowed to develop in my own way.

We each have our own foundations, we shouldn’t let them define us, but we should use them as what they are meant to be, a building block to the rest of our lives.

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