Melting Pot


Last night I went out for a drink with a friend, whilst having this drink I was given some advice, which clicked, made sense, helped to realise that the mountain I see in front of me, is only as big as it is, because I am making it so. The husband joined us at the bar on his way back from work. I told him the advice I’d been given, to which he said “well yes… I’ve been saying that”

If I’m doing something, I like to do it well. I like to be in control, in fact I think it is fair to say that I am a control freak! I take a lot of responsibility on myself. This can end up meaning that I don’t give enough credit to others and their capabilities, but also their roles.

My week has involved numerous amounts of tears AGAIN! I reached and surpassed my melting point, and I had a complete and utter meltdown. I think that this was a necessity, as it was only when I melted that I was willing to be a part of a ‘melting pot’! To listen to ideas of others, and recognise that I cannot do everything, I shouldn’t do everything, I need to relinquish control.

I am a leader in my job, and I forget that sometimes. In the classroom, I see the importance for giving guidance, but not dictating what is written/drawn/presented. I know I need to do that in the other aspects of leadership in my life as well.

I feel like I write a lot of the same things a lot of the time, and that I seem to have a lot of the same lightbulb moments! That’s not a problem! At some point it will kick in, and I’ll have other lessons to learn!




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