Heightened awareness 

How do we become oblivious to things? Is it a problem that we become oblivious to things? How can one thing suddenly raise our awareness beyond measure?

When I was in Scotland, and we were driving round, the boys would be in the back of the car quite often asking about clouds. What type of clouds were in the sky etc… Pointing out different clouds. It was lucky that one of my friends was a cloud expert – well she’d just taught it to her year 5 class – she knew the names of clouds and that made her an expert in my book! Ever since then I have been noticing the clouds! I always knew they were thre, but suddenly I’m looking at the, I’m paying attention to them, I’m seeing their awesomeness and beauty.

Last week I had a day in London, on a training course. It was really good and very beneficial. It was a simple message that they wer focussing in throughout the day. One which made a lot of sense, but suddenly I’m aware to something, something that I am trying to ensure is in all of my lessons. Again I knew it was an important element of what I teach, but that one day has heightened my awareness of its necessity to the subject.

I don’t think we purposefully become oblivious, but sometimes we do need things to be brought to our attention. Sometimes there are things that we need to know. Unfortunately so often it’s negative things that we were oblivious to, but then someone points out an annoying habit to us, and that is all w notice – whether in ourselves or someone else.

If we took everything in, I all its splendour and detail we wouldn’t be able to get anything done. But it is good to be reminded of things sometimes. Since half term, looking up to the sky has made me smile, the clouds have been beautiful, and it’s made me think about my wonderful friends. Since last Thursday I’ve been reminded of the pit trial and power of the subject that I teach. Don’t get me wrong, I do a good job, and have results to prove it, but I can now see the further potential!

Last year I went through a time when I removed music from my life, and was walking and running silence – apart from my breathing – this was good and heightened my senses. I couldn’t keep it up, it was too much stimuli all the time, I needed to block it out. Today for some reason my music kept skipping after the introduction of eac song which meant I got through an entire album in 30seconds, then I had silence. I was aware I was dawdling, and that my breathing wasn’t that heavy suggesting I wasn’t pushing myself. 

It’s good to have time to focus on us, but sometimes we need to wake up to what is around. We don’t want to miss something exciting!

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