Changing identity?

On Saturday during my shopping trip I was being measured for a bra… I got talking with the assistant explaining that losing weight was an expensive business etc… After conversation and a few bras I showed her a photo of a wedding I was at two years ago. She said there is no way it could possibly be me. 

Am I me?

Today I was chatting to my year 8s, they had done a guided meditation, and one of the boys was saying that he needs music. I agreed with him that the motorists of the time I need music as well. I listen to music when I am working, walking, running… Nothing… They thought nothing of the fact that I went running. Last year there would have been gasps of ‘you miss, running?’

Am I me?

Today was slightly stressful, and by the end I had messaged a few people to let them know how I’d got on, and included the fact that I was going for a long run this evening. Again, nothing, just accepted that that was what  I did/do now! 

Am I me?

I’m not sure if I don’t recognise who I was, or if I don’t recognise who I am? Either way, I am constantly changing, which is great. Afterall I’d be worried if I didn’t. But it is worrying how much emphasis we put on our identity. Who we deem ourselves to be, who we expect ourselves to be, and who we think everyone else wants us to be. Fundamentally, we are who we are, affected by what we’ve done, decisions we’ve made, and with the power to decipher who we will become.

Then… On my way back from my run, I stopped, I looked, the sky was stunning… 

And it was then, in the sky, that I realised, I am going to change, those around me will change, but there is one thing that is central to my identity which will not. For which I am thankful.

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