Know your limits


All day I had been looking forward to my run. I came home, and decided to eat first, as it was still quite hot. I ate dinner, did a bit of work, and then got changed. Then… the thunder started… just the thunder… so the plan was still in action… I was GOING to run.

As I left the house… spots of rain… lots of rain… torrential rain. I was still going to go for a run, afterall, I had said I was going to, I’d been looking forward to it. The rain was not going to stop me. I was still warm up walking, was already saturated to the bone, but I was GOING to run.

Then… the limit… the turn round point… the reason I couldn’t fulfil my goal… the lightning! First lot of lightning, and I carried on… second lot of lightning, and I realised I was still very close to home so I had better turn round now before I got too far away. Afterall… lightning and photosensitive epilepsy are not a particularly wise mix!

As my readers will know, I do try to push myself, I’m not afraid of going the extra mile, pushing my boundaries… but one thing I have had to learn is to know my limit.

As much as I had set my heart on running (that doesn’t feel so alien to write now!) I knew that it would be too much to carry on. I would be taking too much of a risk. If I had had a seizure as a result of my run, well… I would be of no use to anyone…I would be in pain…I would not be making any sense…  and I would be kicking myself!

It is great to push yourself, but what’s the point if you harm yourself, if you can’t benefit from it, or if you can’t benfit others!

So instead of running, I came home, got the drenched clothes off, put the pjs on and curled up on the sofa to write a blog!


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