I’m now back in the homeland of Brum, honing my accent for a couple of days before returning down South! It’s been an amazing week, in a beautiful place with beautifulpeople, and I have been struggling to think what to write about! 

One of my friend’s children who was staying with us is 4 years old and he is a collector. He loves to collect. As soon as we were at the airport he was collecting information leaflets then whilst away he was collecting stickeez and oidroids – it was an education for me. He also loves to collect information, asking questions about what has been said. He swapped stickeez and oidroids as well to help out with the collections of other people. 

A collection, it’s nowhere near as good when it is just one of the collection, as it is when it is many together, even better when you have multiples to swap.

The ladies I was staying with this week are nothing short of inspirational. Each of us has faced diversity, and yet we have all achieved so much. We are all passionate about different things, and we have all made a difference.

Together we are formidable! Well no… Well I guess we could be if we chose to instead… Together we are fun! As a collective we bring out the best in each other, none of us are in charge, we just are – and from what I remember, that has always been the case.

Together we have a collective memory of things from school, we all remembered different things, but together we had a fuller picture although definitely still not completely full! 

I’m trying to make this a purposeful blog, but all I can really say is that I am well and truly blessed to have such an amazing group of ladies, and their families, as a part of my life. They have definitely all played a fundamental part in my life, and enabled me to have confidence in myself, and enabled me to encourage others to have confidence in themselves. 

This blog post, as with friendship, needs no purpose, no deeper meaning, it just is what it is! 

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