Last week was a bit of a horrific week by all accounts, lots to take in, lots to do. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it! But I made it, rushed home, got changed, got my case, got the train to the folks house, and on Saturday flew to Scotland. I’m on holiday with friends. (The photo is 30 seconds from the door) Friends who I was at school with, friends who haven’t all been together for 6 years, and then it was under horrible circumstances.

If I’m honest I was slightly apprehensive (I’m not sure that is the right word, but not sure what is! Apprehensive sounds a lot more major than it was but i will stick with it ) for numerous silly reasons, this was due to being stressed in the lead up with other things. But the main reasons for apprehension were…

1. In nearly 12 years of marriage this is the longest I’ve ever been away from the husband. (Soppy I know)

2. It’s my birthday whilst here and will be the first one not spent with the husband – since getting married (soppy I know)

3. We haven’t seen each other all together for 6 years

BUT… I had absolutely no reason to be apprehensive. It’s been fantastic. And why? Because it all just feels so natural and comfortable. No effort is needed at all. We have laughs, we have times of silence, we take the mick, we do our own thing when we want to, we’re honest. I guess that’s what comes of spending 7 years where the majority of your lives are spent together.

What has been great is that the kids, who obviously don’t know us all, have been ace as well. Again, I think it’s because we’re just being completely natural, not trying to make things special, just having fun. Because we’re comfortable, they are comfortable.

Yes, there has been inevitable reminiscing, inevitable catching up, but most of all it’s just been having fun, building sand castles – sorry sand fortresses -, running down sand dunes, paddling in the sea, having dinner together, sitting on sofas drinking wine and eating chocolate (the children had gone to bed)

It is so important that we have friends who we are comfortable with. Where we can just be ourselves, and don’t feel any need to make a special effort or pretend. If we are comfortable in our surroundings, then we are more comfortable in ourselves. 

Comfort, in all its shapes and sizes, is definitely not overrated. Now, back to enjoying my holiday! It’s a beautiful place, with beautiful friends, I have a feeling this will not be my last early morning blog this week.

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