DEADlines my LIFElines


It’s the summer term, year 11 have left, I have gained non contact time and it’s the perfect opportunity to get ahead for September but…

I am a last minute person. The majority of my sermons, assemblies, meetings, talks, are planned/written the day before or morning that they are due. I am thinking about them constantly from the moment I know that I am doing them, the ideas are constantly percolating (sorry husband I know you hate the term) but the actual written formation happens last minute. 

I’m not entirely sure why this is the case, but it is the way I work, and it seems to work. The thing is, when it comes to a lesson, a sermon, an assembly, there is no choice, it has to be done by a specific time. Ther is a deadline.

On the whole, I don’t miss deadlines. If I do, it would be down to exceptional circumstances. I guess it’s probably down to work etiquette, professionalism and, if I’m completely honest, not wanting to disappoint. 

A couple of months ago, I was given a job to do, and then I kept Being asked how it was going. Eventually, I said to my colleague, just give me a date. If I have a date for when it needs to be done by then I know it will be done by then.

This becomes problematic when you are a leader! I’ve got a lot of planning to do, preparation, but as there isn’t really a deadline to be held accountable to, I’m struggling! This afternoon I had the perfect opportunity to get ahead. Instead I created a survey and chatted with friends organising things for a holiday.

I don’t know what the solution is. I’ve tried setting myself deadlines, but it’s pointless because I know it’s not a real deadline, and there won’t be consequences if I don’t meet it. 

The annoying thing is that I like to be organised, and I like to have a plan. But for some reason, unless I know something HAS to be done I struggle to get it done. If anyone knows a solution I would be happy to hear it. For now I just need to try and put pressure on myself… But it won’t succeed! Hey ho… I can try! 

Some people hate a deadline. But I can honestly say a deadline gives me freedom, drive, motivation. Now to get that without the pressure! 

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