Friendly Faces


It’s been a tough week for reasons I’m not going to go into… But it has been tough.

Yet this week, I have noticed more than any other the kindness of those around me. A smile when needed; asking me how things are; checking everything is OK; a quick text; a much needed drink; a shoulder to cry on; an ear to rant to.

These have come from many friends, understandably, but also from some rather unexpected people as well. I don’t mean that horribly but I have been pleasantly surprised. It has meant a lot, and has helped me.

It’s made me wonder two things? Why have they responded in that way? And do I provide the same support?

I think they are both linked. I think people have responded that way because of relationships built over time, and because I do try (emphasis on try) to be that friendly face to others.

It has made realise the importance of relationships, after all, we are not islands. As a teacher I recognise the importance of building relationships with my pupils, and that paid off today. When I walked in to my room at the end of the day to a group of year 11s wanting to do revision, and we were able to have a laugh as well as getting the work done. Then on my home bumping in to some year 9s who were anxious and as soon as they saw me, came over to seek help. Neither of these things would have happened if the relationships weren’t there in the first place.

Life is full of give and take, there will be times when we need to be supported, but many times when we need to support. If we don’t take the time to support when we can, then can we really expect to be supported when it’s needed? 

Thank you to all those who have been my friendly faces this week, and I can only hope I have been and can be that friendly face for you. 

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