Making it worthwhile


Friday was one of the best moments of my teaching career EVER! That may sound like a bit of an over exaggeration, but it really was! It was a day when, I really did feel “Crikey, that was worth it”

As I’ve said on a number of occasions since I’ve been writing this blog, I really have discovered a new love for teaching. I have recognised that I am putting in more effort than I ever have before, and that I am pushing the pupils more than I ever have before. The last couple of weeks I have felt like I’m drowning… but then days like Friday happen… and it all makes sense.

A couple of weeks ago, year 10’s took their mocks (that was when I ended up marking exams in the pub)! I’ve had to keep SCHTUM until they had their results, in an official day with Senior Leaders. That results day was Friday! I was on duty on Friday breaktime, when I was inundated by pupils coming up to me telling me their results (AS IF I HADN’T SPENT HOURS MARKING AND ANALYSING THEIR RESULTS). They were overjoyed, and overwhelmed! It was worth it!

Yes I had pushed myself. Yes I had really pushed them. But it was worth it. I could see the results of all of OUR hard work. The joy in their faces when they realised what they had achieved. IT WAS AWESOME! Especially when I heard the statement “I got an A miss, but I wanted the A*”!!!!!!!

Is this not the same with anything? When I’m running, I struggle, but then when I get home, it’s all worth it, I feel better for it!

Why do we not remember that feeling of it being worth it, when we feel like we’re drowning???????

I’m not expecting an answer, I guess it’s just a challenge!!!!!!



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