Sanctuary in the strangest place

  The flat is being decorated. As nice as it is to have a spruce up, I’m not happy! They have started in the living room, so all weekend I have not been able to sit on a sofa. Then all the stuff from the living room is in the study. 

On Sunday I had to mark 150 exam papers. Although it was possible to get to the table in the study it was slightly claustrophobic, so I had to reach another solution. 

So I contacted the vicar and asked if I could spend Sunday afternoon in the church – this was when I originally decided to write a blog about sanctuary – but then during the service on Sunday we realised that we had forgotten about an event that was happening at church involving children, films, pizza, games, and activities! So I had to reach another solution…

I figured, I’d go to the university library – seemed like a reasonable option. 

I had already agreed I’d go to the pub with the husband to have lunch before he had to go to work. As we were sitting in the pub I had brainwave, why didn’t I just mark in here. So I did!

I spent 5 hours n the pub marking. It was great, I was focused as I had no other distractions (it is amazing how much washing up, laundry and tidying can get done when I have exams to mark); I plugged the headphones in, kept filled up with Diet Coke and had a pudding break. 

The definition of sanctuary is refuge or safety from persecution, pursuit, or other danger. For me it was refuge from procrastination! I may well do this again when I have mocks to mark.

Sometimes the strangest things and situations bring us what we need, when we need it! I may not be overjoyed with the living situation at the moment but I would never have contemplated marking in a pub before it!

Marking exams in pubs – I’m converted!

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