Giving it up/ handing it over

This week I have had yet more revelations about myself. I’ve discovered that I am somewhat territorial and protective, especially when it comes to my job and things that I am responsible for. 

A couple of weeks ago I was quoted by a year 10 pupil in her mock mock test. When answering the question ‘should people be forced to vote’ she wrote something along the lines of as Mrs Netherton always says, if you don’t vote in strictly then you can’t complain if your favourite couple we voted out.

It is now half term, and a crazy half term it has been. Yes it has been short but it has been full. Reports, exams, open evenings, parents evenings, as well as our beloved ofsted friends. I am completely and utterly exhausted. So much so that tonight was the first time I’ve been out for a run this week. 

This week I have had some opportunities to hand over some bits of my jobs to others. This has been really difficult to do, because I’m territorial and protective. But I have realised that in order to enable others and also to be able to do my job properly maybe I do need to give up some stuff and hand it over to others. 

I was reminded of the quote from the year 10 pupil. If I have the opportunity to delegate then I should do so. I can’t comment on exhaustion or busy-ness if I’m doing things that could be shared with others. 

I have to remember there’s no I in team. Although I have roles of authority and leadership, that doesn’t mean I have to do everything. After all I’m not invincible! I also have to remember what I tell pupils “ask for help”! 

This week I’ve had to give up my territory, and welcome others to be a part of it. It took a lot for me to do, and it’s definitely not over yet, but it was necessary, and will be beneficial. I just have to trust – so much easier said than done! Hopefully at Easter I will not be as exhausted as I was on Friday! 

Not exactly the most thought provoking post – but one of the biggest steps I’ve had to make in my journey so far!

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