Letting sense prevail


I get quite easily frustrated, especially with people who don’t appear to use common sense – I think that basically means people who don’t think in the same way as me! This is an issue that I need to deal with and not really anything to do with what I was going to talk about in this blog!

The reason I bought it up is because tonight I have been sensible! I had a meeting after school, which finished about 5:15, after the meeting I phoned the husband and said “I’m coming home, and I’m not going for a run”. Now a year ago this wouldn’t have seemed odd at all!

I had planned that I was to go for a run tonight, because I’m not in for the rest of the week, and therefore not able to go. How could I possibly go a few days without a run – I’m supposed to go three times a week, and yesterday I didn’t even manage my normal run!

But I had a realisation…another lightbulb moment… that I wasn’t actually going to be in all week, and therefore wouldn’t be able to see the husband! hmmm sitting on the sofa catching up with the husband for the only time this week or going for a run after a long day at work.

I was sensible, and just came home, had dinner, we chatted about our day, and now we’re sitting watching TV.

I have a tendency to take on lots of things, have lots of projects, get fixated by things but then… I can forget about the simple things, the important things, which are as beneficial, if not more beneficial than the running, the projects, the work, everything!

When I first started writing this blog I said that it was a whole lifestyle change, it was a holistic thing. I guess every now and again I need to be reminded! I will be of no benefit to anyone, I won’t be able to do my job properly, if I don’t take care of myself and spend time with those who are my support and strength.

So rather than getting frustrated with people who don’t appear to be using common sense, I need to make sure I am being sensible, making sensible decisions that will benefit me and those around me. hmmmmmm I imagine this is going to be easier said than done!

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