What makes me tick?

On Wednesday I had a parent’s evening at school, I was really looking forward to it, and it did not disappoint – I really enjoyed it! I then went to my church small group where we ended up doing a personality test, and I came out as an enthusiast! 

As we were going through the different personality types the stuff about mine was being read out and I just kept thinking, yes that’s me! Busy, spontaneous, optimistic, versatile, playful, high-spirited. I also thought I ended like right royal pain in the backside – especially when My type was referred to as I kid in a sweet shop!

I have started to look in to this type a bit more, and I found that my basic desire is to be satisfied and content – to have my needs fulfilled. My basic fear is of being trapped and in pain. Apparently because I’m like a kid in a sweet shop if I’m not focused I can be scattered and disorganised.

It all made sense, and I’m actually quite excited about finding out more ant this personality type – and they think I’m an enthusiast!

I think the reason is because if I can see what makes me tick, then I can try to ensure that I do that. I know that I do have a tendency to do lots of things, but then I wasn’t doing anything to the best of my ability, and therefore I wasn’t felling fulfilled. But now that I know that I am meant to be teaching I am able to it my all into it, and I am. I enjoy my job because I don’t have just one thing to do (mainly of my own doing) but it is all with one overall aim.

I’m looking forward to finding out more about what my type is, finding out what makes me tick, and also what doesn’t!

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